Textbook Study Tips

Hi everyone! Recently I have been studying like crazy and it has been hard to post all the time.  With all that studying came the inspiration for this post. Today I am going to share how I use my textbooks to study. Keep in mind that I do buy all of my books oppose to renting them. If you are renting your textbooks some of these tips may not work for you!

The first thing I use when reading my textbook are highlighters. While reading I use different color highlighters to mark vocabulary terms, definitions, examples of the vocabulary or key words, and any other information I think is important. This makes it easy to spot any important information.  The colors I use are; pink for the section titles, blue for vocabulary/key words, orange for examples of vocabulary/key words, and yellow for any other important information.

The next thing that I use is bookmarks. I like to place a bookmark in every chapter that I read. I do this until I have a test. This helps with studying because I can see what chapters will be on the test. Placing bookmarks in each chapter also help so that I can get to each chapter faster and not have to flip through all of the different pages. I highly recommend using bookmarks because it will make your life so much easier! To see what bookmarks I am currently using take a look at my last post where I talk about my favorite bookmarks.

The last thing that I use is post it notes. I use the post it notes to write thoughts and questions down and stick them on the different pages. Sometimes I will just use a pen and write in the margins but post it notes are also great to use!

These are just a few of the ways that I study. I want to know what you do to study. Let me know in the comments below!


Studying for School

Hey everyone! I am typing up this post from my phone as I am babysitting a group of kids. This is going to be a relatively short post for that reason. With all that being said I want to talk about my studying habits for school!

I am a huge fan of rewriting my notes. I will write everything in different colors. I do this for every class, and I feel like it has been working for the most part! After I rewrite them I will go back and re read them a few times to really lock things in.

Another thing I will do when studying is make flash cards and go over them whenever I get the chance to. I will put the flash cards in my purse and take them out whenever I have time to look through them. This also helps me to memorize everything!

I really only do those two things and they work out well for me usually! What are some of your studying techniques? Let me know in the comments below.