Pocahontas- Listen to Your Heart

Hi everybody! A couple months ago while I was babysitting I watched the movie Pocahontas for the first time in a long time. It was great to take a trip back to my childhood by watching this movie! Since it had been quite a number of years there were quite a few things I did not remember.
The biggest thing that was new to me was Grandmother Willow. I did not remember her at all, in fact! In today’s post I wanted to talk about something that Grandmother Willow told/sang throughout the movie. She would sing, “Listen to your heart.” This was exactly what I needed to hear at the time and still need to hear!
A little bit back I had been having doubts about my degree and was unsure if it was what I really wanted to do and if it was worth all the time and money that would be going into my speech and hearing science degree. I had done a google search looking up what classes I would need to take and everything I could do with my degree. During this search I learned that entry level for my degree is a master’s degree. That really freaked me out! I began to worry about how I would pay for all of this schooling! I decided in that moment that I needed to get off of google and distract myself. I got on Instagram and began looking through all the pictures on there in an effort to forget what I had just read. It was on picture that really caught my attention. It was of a little girl who was getting a cochlear implant that day. She immediately caught my attention, because she had the same name that my ex fiancé and I wanted to name any future daughter we might have had. Over those next few weeks I read the updates her mom posted. It was through that one Instagram account that I realized that I did want to become a speech pathologist/audiologist.
The next experience I had was in a relationship of mine. We were having some troubles and I was ready to just give up. I was getting annoyed and super impatient with him. I just kept overthinking things and it was not helping anything. I knew in my heart though that I did not want things to end and that he was going through some things and I really needed to be patient and more understanding. I told my friend so many times that I was done, but never actually was. I decided to go with what my heart was saying and I waited and did not add to the stress he was going through. Being patient did help. Things are going well now, and if I had not listened to what my heart was saying I would not be feeling as happy right now!
It is not always easy to listen to your heart. Sometimes your brain will take over and start creating fears, whether it be thinking things are too much money, that your relationship may not work , or something else! I encourage you to look past those fears and to listen to what your heart is telling you. If you feel that you should do something do it, as long as its within reason! Is there a time when you listened to your or heart or wanted to? Do you have a favorite Disney movie that is not Pocahontas? Let me know in the comments below!