My Cookbook Collection

Hi everyone! Today I want to talk about my cookbook collection. For someone who does not cook a lot I have an insane amount of cookbooks! Some of which I have cooked out of, others I have not used yet!
The first cookbook I am going to talk about is actually four books. They are all by Giada de Laurentiis. She does have other cookbooks; I just do not have them yet. I really enjoy Italian food so Giada is my favorite chef on Food Network. Not only do I have her cookbooks I also have her cooking videos. I did make one of her recipes. I made the chicken chopped salad in butter lettuce cups, and it turned out great! I definitely plan to make more from the books and videos.
The second cookbook I am going to talk about is Chrissy Teigen’s cookbook called, Cravings. I have yet to make anything from the cookbook, but I definitely want to. If I am being totally honest I originally bought the book, because it was by Chrissy Teigen. I plan on making the King’s Hawaiian BLPTS very soon!
The next book I am going to talk about is the Food Network magazines. I have only bought three editions so far, but I really do enjoy them. I made chicken cacciatore from the Italian issue and it was my favorite! I definitely plan on making it again. Besides the Italian issue I also have the summer pasta cookbook edition and the summer edition. These magazines are the best five dollars you will spend!
The last cookbook I am going to talk about is Eat like a Gilmore. It is based off of Gilmore Girls, and I love it! I have not cooked out of it yet, but definitely will soon. Some of the recipes in this book are; salmon puffs, rocky road cookies, founders day punch, and mock turtle soup.
These are just a few of the cookbooks I have. I definitely plan on trying these recipes out more this coming year. I look forward to sharing my favorites with you all! What are your favorite cookbooks? Let me know in the comment below!