Movies That Make Me Happy

Hey everyone! A couple months ago I wrote about my favorite shows to watch when I am feeling a little down or just need to feel happy. Today I am going to keep with the same topic, but instead of television shows I am going to talk about movies.

The first movie I watch if I need a mood boost is William and Kate. This is a smaller less known movie that was aired right before the royal wedding, but I love it! When this movie was on Netflix I was watching it almost every weekend. I love how it is a modern day fairy tale and even though there were some tough times between Prince William and Kate they got their happily ever after in the  end!

The second movie I go to is not just one movie, but eight of them. The Fast and Furious franchise is my absolute favorite movie franchise! I am both embarrassed and proud to admit that I binge watched all 7 of the movies (the eighth was not out yet) in one weekend.  I love how there is action in every movie, and the plot of each movie is just as great. However, the real reason I watch these movies when I need a pick me up is because of Paul Walker. It does not get much better, in my opinion!

The third and last movie I am going to talk about is The Longest Ride. I have seen this movie at least fifteen times, most of which were in one week. I did not think I would like this movie as much as I did, but once I watched it I could not stop. This was my go to movie when I needed a good cry! I cried for the first five times, because of it being so good at pulling the heart strings. Being able to see the love story between two different generations was amazing! It is definitely in my top five favorite Nicholas Sparks movies.

If you could not tell from my binge watching every movie on this list, I love movies! These were just three of my favorites to watch that instantly lift my mood. However, I have a lot more that I love! Do you have any movies you watch to lift your mood? Let me know in the comments below!


Remembering Paul Walker

Hi everyone! Today for Watch it Wednesday I will be focusing on an actor instead of a movie or show. When you read this it will be November 30th, and that marks four years since the passing of Paul Walker.

I am a huge fan of Paul Walker, and actually he is number one on my list of celebrities I find attractive. I have watched all the Fast and Furious movies at least twenty times since first watching them at the beginning of the year. I even went out and bought them all on DVD. I really do enjoy them all! In fact, as I am writing this I am watching The Fast and the Furious.

Upon a recent search on the internet I found out that Paul Walker was in quite a number of movies, besides the Fast and Furious franchise. Some of the other movies that he starred in are; Varsity Blues, She’s All That, Noel, The Lazarus Project, and Vehicle 19.

Not only was Paul Walker a great actor, but he was also a charitable and kind hearted man. He founded a nonprofit called Reach out Worldwide. Reach out Worldwide is a disaster relief organization in which other places who have been hit by disaster can get help rebuilding and access to any supplies they may need to live their daily lives. Not only did Paul Walker found the organization, but he also went to the places that needed aid and helped rebuild. He has put his own money into sending relief teams to these places and has negotiated with the Port-au-Prince army to get supplies for the people affected. Paul Walker also did random acts of kindness throughout his everyday life. One of the stories told was when he bought an engagement ring for a veteran and his fiancé after discovering that they could not afford a ring.

Paul Walker truly was a great man. He not only made a difference in the film industry, but also in the world. He will be missed and my prayers are with his family on this day.