Moxie and Might

Hey everyone! Today I want to tell you about one of my new favorite Etsy shops.  I was introduced to Moxie and Might a few months ago and have been obsessed since. It is all I can do to not buy everything!

Moxie and Might has quite a bit of different hand made things. Some of the things that you can find on this shop are hand lettered bookmarks, embroidery pieces, and prints. The shop owner is so talented and does amazing work! While she offers different products I really want to focus on the bookmarks. Moxie and Might bookmarks are all hand lettered and most have references to different shows and podcasts.  Some of the themes are; Harry Potter, Brooklyn Nine-Nine, Parks and Recreation, My Favorite Murder, the Office, and Game of Thrones. While these are the ones that are shown on the Etsy page custom orders are also available!  The bookmarks are all laminated and are really holding up! Each bookmark sells for $4 each.

I recently ordered a custom order with quotes from How to Get Away with Murder. They are such great bookmarks and everything I had hoped for. I am currently using all of them. As a college student I am reading textbooks all the time and to add to that the tests cover multiple chapters. That is where these bookmarks come in! I have all these bookmarks placed in the different chapters in each section, and it makes studying so much easier!

I will definitely be buying from Moxie and Might again! Go check out the shop on Etsy and the shop Instagram! These bookmarks are wonderful and you will not want to pass them up. What quote would you want put on a bookmark? Let me know in the comments below!


Etsy Shop:


Swallows Grace

Hey everyone! Today I want to tell you about one of my favorite Etsy shops! Swallows Grace is a shop that sells mugs, shirts, and canvas banners. However, a majority of the listings are mugs. These items sell for ten to forty-five dollars. Some of the designs that you can choose from are: “Resting mom face”, “Joanna Gaines is my Spirit Animal”, “I Will Wait. I Will Wait for you” and “Adoption rocks”.

I was originally drawn to this shop because the owners, Kenzi and Austin Reddick originally started this business to fund the adoption of their son. Kenzi and Austin are adopting their second child and the funds from the shop are going to bringing baby number two home.

I have purchased from Swallows Grace twice and each time has been a great experience. Shipping is fast and the product is exactly as described. Packaging is also great! The packaging is personalized with your name and each order comes with a thank you note that also explains the background of the shop. What I loved was that the boxes the mugs are shipped in are hand stamped with the shops name!

The first thing I bought was a t-shirt that says “Joanna Gaines is My Spirit Animal”. This shirt has since sold out.  However, they do have a mug with the same phrase on it. The second item I bought was a mug that has “I will wait. I will wait for you” on it. This is based on the Mumford and Sons song. This mug is super cute and it is definitely one of my favorites!

I highly recommend this shop. It is great service and cute products. Plus the profits from the shop go to such a great cause! Go check out Swallows Grace at: