One on One Time

Hi everyone! This post is a couple weeks late, but I had the chance to spend time with B, D, and Baby P individually this past week. It was such a fun experience and I wanted to talk a little about that.

I started out the day with D. We started our outing with a trip to the library. While there we got books, played with puzzles, and played with toys they had there. After the library D and I went to Paradise Valley Burger Company for lunch. D loves cheeseburgers and she devoured it in minutes! We had such a great experience while eating lunch. The guys at Paradise Valley Burger Company drew a smiley face on her burger in ketchup, which she loved! According to her “she felt happy after eating her burger.” It really was such a fun trip!

When we got home it was Baby P’s turn for some one-on-one time. She is a baby so it was not as big as D’s time. Baby P and I sat on the couch and read the new library books D and I got. She loved looking at all the colors, and loved looking at the unicorn book. However, by the time we got to the dog book she was totally over it, and ready for a nap!

B was the last one to have her time alone with me. She was not feeling well that day so we stayed in. B and I used our time to put together a Valentine’s Day craft. It took quite a bit of time to put the craft together, but it was a lot of fun!

Being able to spend time with each of the girls individually was such a great experience. It was a lot of fun for me and I hope for the girls too! What are some of your favorite kid friendly activities? Let me know in the comments below!



Toilet Paper Roll Poppy

Hi everyone! Today I wanted to share with you all how “D” and I made this toilet paper roll Poppy. It was a super easy project, and was quick. For this project you will need;

  • Scissors
  • Glue Sticks
  • Tape
  • Markers
  • Toilet Paper Roll
  • Construction Paper (pink, blue, and green)
  • Paper towel


  1. First cut out a piece of pink paper. Make sure it is big enough to wrap all the way around the toilet paper roll. Glue that on.
  2. Next cut out little blue flowers and glue them to a green strip. Glue this to the top of the roll.
  3. After that color a piece of paper towel pink. Tape this into the toilet paper roll.
  4. The last thing to do is to draw Poppy’s face.

This was such a fun project, and “D” and I look forward to making more. Who is your favorite Trolls character? Let me know in the comments below!


Plan with Me

Hello everyone! For today’s make it Monday I am going to show you how I plan my week. I am a huge fan of planners and decorating all the pages within. I first got into planning from watching youtube videos. My favorite being Elle fowlers channel, glam planner. Ever since seeing that first video I have loved planning and seeing what themes I could do for each week.
I am currently using two different planners. I use the happy planner and recollections. When buying my planners I like to get the horizontal layout. I find that easier and more suitable for my life. I use a variety of different stickers from many different places! I have gotten my stickers from the dollar store, Walmart, Michaels, and etsy. Some of my favorite shops on etsy are planner kate, Amelie planner, and paper loving mommy. They all have cute and affordable prints!
I set up my planner in sections. The first section is the side bar, where I will put goals I have or my plans for the week in a whole. It is usually where I write out what blog post I will post. I will also stick what book I am currently reading if it is different than previous ones. The second section is the top row. On the top row I put to-do lists for the day. I will write what I would like to or need to accomplish. The second row is where I will put stickers that remind me of what I am doing for the day and what bills I have due. On the bottom row I put lifestyle stickers such as; water trackers, television show airings, workouts I plan to do, and whatever else I can think of at the time.
Planning is a great way for me to see what I need to do for the week, but also gives me the opportunity to step away from school life and do something creative and fun! There are so many different plan with me videos on youtube and so many different products to get from stores. Planning is becoming more and more popular today. They sometimes have planning events at your local craft store. You can meet other planners and get great ideas from them! Have you planned before? Leave a comment below telling me what planners and stickers you like to use! I hope you all enjoyed today’s make it Monday!