Update On Other Posts

Hey everybody! Today for Silly Saturday I thought I would do a quick update on things I mentioned in other posts. I said I would get back to you all about the Ben and Ashely I podcast and about Thanksgiving Day treat ideas!

On Tuesday I shared a couple treat ideas for Thanksgiving, and told you I would make them and post them on Instagram. Long story short I did not make the treats I mentioned. While I stand by my statement of them being super easy to make and it honestly would not have taken that long to do I decided not to make them. I would however love to know if any of you made them or about what treats you made for Thanksgiving!

For Friday Favorites I posted about my favorite podcasts and told you that I had just began listening to Ben and Ashley I Almost Famous Podcast. I finished the episode I was listening to today plus two more after that! When I opened the app today I saw that I had only had six minutes left in last night’s episode. I can honestly say I love this podcast. It was so easy to get into! I found myself driving around just so I could finish each episode. It is definitely worth listening to!

Today’s post was short, but I did want to do an update on everything! Have you guys listened to any of the podcasts I mentioned? Have you made any of the Thanksgiving treats? Let me know in the comments below!


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